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Your Veolia Environmental Trust User Account

Welcome to Your Veolia Environmental Trust User Account, through which you can submit an application form and manage successful grants. It is important that you remember the email address and password you used to set up this account, so you can progress to the next stage.

Please note:  All correspondence regarding your application will be sent to the email address you use to Login. You can update this at any time by selecting ‘My Account’ and ‘Manage my personal data’.


Before you start, please be aware that:

  • We will assess your application against our Criteria as it stands when you select ‘Validate and send’. This includes our Geographic criteria (your project needs to be within the vicinity of a qualifying Veolia site - this can be checked using our Postcode Checker)
  • You need to consider the best practice guidance documents in the Prepare section of our website to develop the best project and application possible.
  • All our grants are subject to the drafting and signing of an agreement with The Trust and reporting via the Project Update Form, to ensure compliance with the Landfill Communities Fund.


The application form is in two parts:

Stage 1 gives you the opportunity to provide us with your organisation and project details, including where the project is, who will benefit, and what funding you already have in place. We will assess your answers to see if your project meets our criteria.

Stage 2 has eight sections with more detailed questions regarding your organisation, your project, and the funding you require from us. Your answers will be considered by us and our Board when we make a funding decision.


The information you enter is auto-saved as you type and you can return to the form via the 'Login' button from our website, please note however, applications which remain dormant for three months will be deleted. Ensure you review your form and select ‘Validate and send’ once all the questions are answered. You will automatically receive a copy of your form by email once this has been successfully sent.


See ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ for useful tips and answers to commonly asked questions and our 'Disclaimer & Privacy Policy' for information on how your personal data is used.