Veolia Environmental Trust's Application Form

Welcome to the Veolia Environmental Trust's application form.

Before you start filling in your application, you must have visited our website and done the following:

  • Read all the information in the 'Know' section and confirmed that your project’s postcode and details comply with our criteria,
  • Considered the ‘Prepare’ section’s best practice guidance documents, and,
  • Completed and submitted the Eligibility Checker.


Our application process is competitive. As our last Board saw a success rate of 24% for fully compliant projects, it is in your interest to use the resources we provide to develop the best project and application possible.


The application form is in two parts:

Stage 1 gives you the opportunity to provide us with your contact, organisation and project details, including where the project is, who will benefit, and what funding you already have in place. We will assess your answers to see if your project meets our criteria and is eligible for funding. If it is, you will be able to progress to Stage 2 of the form.

Stage 2 has eight sections. It is more detailed questions relate to your organisation, your project and the funding you require from us. Your answers will be considered by us and our Board when we make a funding decision.


The information you enter is auto-saved as you type and you can return to this application form via the Login button on our main website. You should also carefully review your form, as the selection process starts as soon as it is submitted.